Displaying items by tag: refugees - New Canadian Media - New Canadian Media http://newcanadianmedia.ca Thu, 18 Oct 2018 11:20:37 -0400 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Changes Coming to Parent and Grandparent Immigration? http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/42341-changes-coming-to-parent-and-grandparent-immigration http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/42341-changes-coming-to-parent-and-grandparent-immigration Changes to Canada's immigration policy could help ease the residency process for many parents and grandparents of immigrants
By: Kelly Toughill in Halifax Thousands of families will soon get a second chance to bring parents and grandparents to…
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Refugees from U.S. are Breaking the Law http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40919-refugees-from-u-s-are-breaking-the-law http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40919-refugees-from-u-s-are-breaking-the-law A lot has changed since the Komagata Maru incident of 1914, but the latest refugee arrivals may cause Canadians to lose their trust in the integrity of their immigration system, suggest columnist Surjit Flora
Commentary by Surjit Singh Flora in Brampton For many Sikhs in Canada today, the Komagata Maru incident still looms large…
Policy Sun, 19 Mar 2017 20:15:11 -0400
Yes, “Canadian Values” Contradict Some Religious Beliefs http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40653-yes-canadian-values-contradict-some-religious-beliefs http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40653-yes-canadian-values-contradict-some-religious-beliefs Canadian values as enshrined in our Charter should be a source of pride, not a source of partisan debate, asserts Fred Maroun.
Commentary by Fred Maroun in Ottawa Kellie Leitch is one of the candidates seeking the leadership of Canada’s Conservative party,…
Commentary Mon, 27 Feb 2017 20:00:32 -0500
Shooting in Quebec City: Symptom of a Wider Crisis http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40458-shooting-in-quebec-city-symptom-of-a-wider-crisis http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40458-shooting-in-quebec-city-symptom-of-a-wider-crisis People place candles outside the Islamic Cultural Centre after the shooting on Jan. 29, 2017.
by Jooneed Jeeroburkhan in Montreal The cold-blooded shooting of six Muslims following evening prayers on Jan 29 at a Québec…
Commentary Tue, 14 Feb 2017 08:53:14 -0500
Friendly Advice to Trudeau from Australia http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40409-friendly-advice-to-trudeau-from-australia http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40409-friendly-advice-to-trudeau-from-australia Manitoba 'welcomes you' sign, as seen from the international border between Emerson, Manitoba and North Dakota, USA, where a number of asylum seekers have crossed into Canada.
Commentary by Binoy Kampmark in Melbourne, Australia It was a moment of delightful reflection. The indecently smug politicians of a…
Commentary Fri, 10 Feb 2017 08:07:27 -0500
Refugees: Opportunity will Trump Tragedy http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37907-refugees-opportunity-will-trump-tragedy http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37907-refugees-opportunity-will-trump-tragedy Refugees: Opportunity will Trump Tragedy
Commentary by Steve Dooley in Surrey A Surrey forum held earlier this year on helping Syrian refugees settle in our…
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Prisoners of the Desert: Inside Jordan's Azraq Refugee Camp http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37612-prisoners-of-the-desert-inside-jordan-s-azraq-refugee-camp http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37612-prisoners-of-the-desert-inside-jordan-s-azraq-refugee-camp Syrian children flip through books in Jordan's Azraq camp.
by Janice Dickson in Ottawa Sitting cross-legged on a thin UNHCR mat covering a concrete floor and nursing her 14-month-old,…
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Play Soccer While Fundraising for Syrian Refugees http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37383-play-soccer-while-fundraising-for-syrian-refugees-united-for-syria-tournament http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37383-play-soccer-while-fundraising-for-syrian-refugees-united-for-syria-tournament Play Soccer While Fundraising for Syrian Refugees
Written by Muslim Link Muslim Link interviewed Rayanne Bendaoud about how her encounter with a Syrian refugee in Ottawa inspired…
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Queer Author Helps Other LGBT Iranians Seek Asylum http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37328-queer-author-helps-other-lgbt-iranians-seek-asylum http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37328-queer-author-helps-other-lgbt-iranians-seek-asylum Arsham Parsi reads his book Exile for Love at the Toronto Public Library’s St. James Town branch.
by Shan Qiao in Toronto Queer activist Arsham Parsi took a risk when he left Iran and began to help…
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Graphic Novels Help Minority Women Share Stories http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37130-graphic-novels-help-minority-women-share-stories http://newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37130-graphic-novels-help-minority-women-share-stories From l to r: Nicole Burton, Seemi Jamil and Farrah Khan discuss the ways in which they use comic books as advocacy and social justice tools during The Panel is Political discussion at Another Story Bookshop.
by Shan Qiao in Toronto Without saying anything, Farrah Khan hands out a clipboard with a piece of paper on…
Books Tue, 02 Aug 2016 10:07:00 -0400