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Commentary by Mayank Bhatt in Toronto I published my debut novel, Belief, in Canada last year. It’s the story of…
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Imagine the Stories Syrian Refugees will Tell in 25 Years http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/38741-imagine-the-stories-syrian-refugees-will-tell-in-25-years http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/38741-imagine-the-stories-syrian-refugees-will-tell-in-25-years Jorge Rodriguez from Guatemala is a charming neighbourhood personality in Montreal's Little Italy.
Book Review by Rosanna Haroutounian in Gatineau The histories of Canadians are plentiful, rich, and complex. We can never know…
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The Darker Side of the Indo-Canadian Journey http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37851-the-darker-side-of-the-indo-canadian-journey http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37851-the-darker-side-of-the-indo-canadian-journey Reviewer Anita Singh likes Pratap Reddy's Reddy’s willingness to talk about the darker side of the Indo-Canadian immigrant experience.
Review by Anita Singh in Toronto Almost 40 years ago, my grandparents changed our family’s history by deciding to move…
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Football Legend’s Story Teaches Timely Lessons http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37570-football-legend-s-story-teaches-timely-lessons http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37570-football-legend-s-story-teaches-timely-lessons The Rex Theater in Leland, Mississippi, is pictured here in 1937, when many public buildings and services in the United States were racially segregated.
by Rosanna Haroutounian in Quebec City Racial profiling by police is not a new phenomenon. The ability to now document…
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Sacrifices of ‘Nonnas’ Should Not Be Forgotten http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37459-sacrifices-of-nonnas-should-not-be-forgotten http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37459-sacrifices-of-nonnas-should-not-be-forgotten Gianna Patriarca's new collection of short stories, All My Fallen Angelas, tells of the experiences of women, young and old, living in Toronto’s Italian immigrant community. 
by Rosanna Haroutounian in Quebec City The recent death of Abdirahman Abdi after his violent arrest in Ottawa and the…
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Story Book Gives Nod to Canada’s Multilingualism http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37432-story-book-gives-nod-to-canada-s-multilingualism http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37432-story-book-gives-nod-to-canada-s-multilingualism Chloë’s Tulips, one of seven stories in the children's book The Best of All Worlds (At One Press, 2015), was originally written in Spanish and is about fairies who help the tulips grow in Ottawa each year.
by Elvira Truglia in Montreal The stories in the Best of All Worlds represent seven of the most commonly spoken…
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Exhibit Takes Guests to Libraries Around the World http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37376-exhibit-takes-guests-to-libraries-around-the-world http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37376-exhibit-takes-guests-to-libraries-around-the-world Admont Abbey Library in Austria is one of the libraries featured in The Library at Night, a virtual reality exhibit taking place at the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec in Montreal.
by Vincent Simboli in Montreal “The library is a mirror of the universe,” writes Argentinian-Canadian author Alberto Manguel in his…
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Queer Author Helps Other LGBT Iranians Seek Asylum http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37328-queer-author-helps-other-lgbt-iranians-seek-asylum http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37328-queer-author-helps-other-lgbt-iranians-seek-asylum Arsham Parsi reads his book Exile for Love at the Toronto Public Library’s St. James Town branch.
by Shan Qiao in Toronto Queer activist Arsham Parsi took a risk when he left Iran and began to help…
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Story Revisits Vietnamese Revenge Plot of 1908 http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37143-story-revisits-vietnamese-revenge-plot-of-1908 http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37143-story-revisits-vietnamese-revenge-plot-of-1908 A French camp for
by Tazeen Inam in Mississauga Many leaders of the East who fought to decolonize their countries from Western authoritarian rule…
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Graphic Novels Help Minority Women Share Stories http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37130-graphic-novels-help-minority-women-share-stories http://newsite.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37130-graphic-novels-help-minority-women-share-stories From l to r: Nicole Burton, Seemi Jamil and Farrah Khan discuss the ways in which they use comic books as advocacy and social justice tools during The Panel is Political discussion at Another Story Bookshop.
by Shan Qiao in Toronto Without saying anything, Farrah Khan hands out a clipboard with a piece of paper on…
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